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Tinggal ketik tulisan yang akan dibaca oleh robotnya, klik preview untuk mendengar hasilnya, dan klik Render untuk menyimpan suara tersebut menjadi file Wav.
Tulisan yang dibaca adalah dengan ejaan bahasa Inggris.
Jangan lupa mengubah output, di bagian bawah (sebelah tombol “about”)

Are you ready to dazzle and amaze your friends by generating custom computer synthesized speech? Yes, I know it sounds almost like a dream too wonderful to be true, but your computer just needs a nudge in the right direction... With AnalogX SayIt!
    Inspired by that evil device many of us were tormented by as children, the Speak&Spell, AnalogX SayIt gives your computer a synthesized voice to rival that of Colossus (from the movie Colossus: The Forbin Project). Type in any word or phrase, set the sliders to the appropriate settings, and click the 'Render' button - out pops a nice little wave file. Or, if you are just playing around, use the 'Preview' button and hear what it sounds like. It's that simple.
    AnalogX SayIt outputs 16-bit wave files, and can handle phrases up to 500 characters, more than enough for your average computer speech needs.

SayIt works on all versions of Windows, from Window 95 to Windows 7 and everything inbetween (including XP, Vista, Win2k, etc). If you have a general question related to any of the programs on the site, or would like some additional info related to the downloads in general, then check out the downloads FAQ.

Download SayIt
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