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How about one more password protect...

And Now the script:
<script language="Javascript">
var password = prompt("Enter in the password")
if (password == "Pick One") {
location = "protected.html"
else {
location = "oops.html"
In the above code, "Pick One" is the password and "protected.html" is the name of the password-protected page. (Substitute your own password and URL when you use this script.) If visitors enter the correct password, they will forward to "protected.html"; if they enter an incorrect password, they'll hit the page called "oops.html." 
As stated, this shouldn't be used as a substitute for true security, but it isn't bad in a pinch. It works nicely for, say, an area of your site reserved for family members only. 
If you do use this code to protect a page or directory, you might want to keep search engines from listing it. Place this tag in the HEAD section of your protected page: 
<meta name="robots" contents="noindex"> 
Of course, it's possible for someone clever enough to get the password right from the source code. Later, we'll tackle a script that will keep them from viewing the source.
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